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Adam's advice for the youngs

Hieu Nguyen — September 30, 2020

Even when you’re so at something, without practice, you will lose it


When I was studying at a university, I had a part-time job in a bakehouse. And Adam was a senior colleague of mine. I was always interested in how did someone got to here, when we know each other.

One time, I asked Adam - how did you start as a baking chief?

More or less, it wasn't what he wanted to be when he was young. He loved basketball and was an excellent player. 

Though, he got caught up, and start to take practice less and less seriously.

One day, he looked back and realized his friends became much better, while his sharpness has already faded. To the point, he couldn't be able to catch up.

Time goes by, becoming a baking chief was something he picked up. It was good, and allow him to support his new family.

And that's why he was there when I asked.

I think this is an invaluable story, especially for the young. And I often prefer it as the Adam's story. It's good to remember to keep practicing to sharpen our skills. Otherwise, it will start to fade.

He is now having 2 kids. One of them also loves basketball. A few times a week, after work, Adam gets home to take the kid for practice. I guess he told the kid the same story he told me.

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