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Why does Jim choose to be a supportive person?

Hieu Nguyen — April 13, 2021

Have you ever get annoyed when someone being supported all the time?


There are people being supportive because they needed something in return. There are people being supportive because they were raised so, without having a real reason.

I've known Jimmy for sometimes, and often see him offer helps to others. Getting to know him better make me realized he's a little different.

He was a curious kid, growing up like to learn and do things by himself. As much as he enjoys it, there were hard times that could have been better if someone has helped. Much later, he learns that sometimes it's better to reach out and ask for help.

Sometimes being a little too supportive can be perceived as a weakness. But with Jim, he understands how suck it is to face things alone and happy to offer some help.

P/s: When the real Jimmy saw this post, he asked me to use another name, so I use Jimmy.

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