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Build Audience by Connect to One

Hieu Nguyen — October 02, 2020

Don't make a mistake of building an audience from scratch


This is a summary of Don't Build An Audience — Connect To One

Most creator make a mistake of building an audience from scratch. But it will be faster to connect to an existing community.

The idea inspired from Seth Godin's book — Tribes. Suggest people who shared similar interests, beliefs and desires. But often disconnected from each other, until someone create an opportunity for them to connect.

By doing that, you'll create a space for a community with your creation.

How to find your tribe?

Think about who they are and find where they hangout online. For example, Facebook group, subreddit, Slack, hashtag, etc.

Rather than start spaming, start to connect and provide value to its members. That will make you stand out.

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Hieu Nguyen

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