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Dealing with fear

Hieu Nguyen — November 22, 2019

We fear things we that don't know. Fear is described as "a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat"


I remember there were many times, I was sweating, tried to search on the internet about things I was afraid of. See if anyone talked about it, or how to overcome it. I wished I could found something that could help me.

We fear things we don’t know. Wikipedia describes fear as “a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat”.

There are more things we fear when we were kids. Like fear of the dark, fear of not seeing our parents. Then we grow up, it changes. There are fewer things to be afraid of, but they seem more real.

While I was in college, I used to work in a cake factory. It doesn’t have much stress, and the team are nice people. It was a great job a student could have.

And there was our executive chief — a great manager, let’s call him Frank. He’s German, with a slim body but always full of energy. We have team briefing every Tuesday and he runs it.

One day, while at the team briefing, I saw Frank’s hands were shaking. Some others saw that too, and we didn’t know what happened. I have never seen him shaking before. But what interesting was, he continued his speaks, no matter what.

At that moment, I realized that fear cannot be stopped, as we are human. The trick is not letting it be part of our thought or action, and keep moving. Sooner or later, it will fade away. Understand that, I’m no longer let fear get in the way.

Fear is real. If you know someone is afraid of something, please help them!

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