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Google Sheets Translate Formula and Template with 103 languages

Hieu Nguyen — November 04, 2020

This post show you how to translate formula in Google Sheets, and a translate template with 103 languages


In Google Sheets, you can translate a text to 109 languages (as much as Google Translate support). In this post, I'll show how to use the translation formula, and prepared a template to make it easy to translate to 103 languages.

1. Translate formula in Google Sheets

To translate in Google Sheets, you need to use the following translation formula:

=GoogleTranslate(text, [source_language_code, target_language_code])


  • text is the text to translate
  • source_language_code is the language code from the original text. Default set to "auto", which Google Translate will try to detect the language.
  • target_language_code is the language code to translate to. Default is set to the language on your Google Sheets UI

Note: Language code is the 2 letters code. For example. "en" is for English, "es" is for Spanish

Here is some usage example:

  • =GoogleTranslate("Hello", "en", "es"): translate a word or a sentence
  • =GoogleTranslate(A2, B2, C2): translate cell A2, sourcelanguagecode from cell B2 and targetlanguagecode from cell C2
  • =GoogleTranslate(A2): translate cell A2 with auto detect source language, and translate to the system language ("en" if you're using English)

2. Template for 103 languages in Google Sheets

I've created a template that make it easy to translate a word or sentence into 103 languages. The template has the main language (column A as English), and the translate formula rows (the 3rd row [B3, …, AK3]).

To use the template, you can either:

  • Copy the entire 3rd row, paste at the end. Then update the cell in the main language column and watch it translate the rest. See demo
  • Paste a list of words/sentences in the first column. Then select the translate formula rows, and repeat the fomular to the entire words/sentense (as demo below)

You can grab and copy it from the direct link or a shorten link https://bit.ly/3oUbMg6

Now you know how to use the translate formula in Google Sheets.

If you're a developer and is looking for a self-hosted translation service with Google Sheets. Try int - a translation library

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