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32 Industry Hidden Secrets — from the People in the Fields

Hieu Nguyen — September 24, 2020

Ever wonder, "What secrets do that industry have?". I collected 32 answers from the people who worked in the field


What’s an industry secrets in the fields you work in?” is by far, one of the most interesting question I’ve heard. The answers are also astonishing. They come from people have worked in the fields, answering from their experience.

I have collected all the answers that have 500+ upvotes, categorized them into 5 category:

  • Travel industry — 9 secrets
  • Job related — 6 secrets
  • Sofware and IT — 8 secrets
  • Food and Retails — 6 secrets
  • and others 3 secrets.

Below is all the secrets, tell me what’s your favorite.

1. My clients could do the job for themselves by Googling that particular topic, because that’s what I do too for living — partisan1991

2. We sell the same meat to both budget and high end supermarkets. All that is different is the packaging and artwork — durburzst

3. Interpreters can’t just translate any topic any time, we learn the vocabulary for every single assignment — silversid

4. Minimum wage is just a marketing trick. If you want to pay less, there are always legal ways. There are agencies that headhunt your unwanted employees to trick them into quitting their job — yet3

5. It doesn’t matter what degree you have when you hit the job, it only matters that you get in somehow. People with a high level skills (engineers) will continue to work where their best at and never make a career in a respectable time… People with talking and people skills will make a career much more faster. Even more so when these people are attractive —bamboozleboye

6. When interviewing someone on camera, switch off the red tally light, so that they think the camera isn’t recording. I then pretend to have a normal conversation with them ‘before’ the interview, while I’m actually just asking the interview questions in a subtle way. They are a lot less anxious and their answers are more spontaneous! — cmnsns

7. Job requirements are a wish-list situation. I used to screen resumes for small companies. Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying — you have no idea what the applicant pool is like. The biggest boon, especially at small companies, is someone who legitimately cares — acommenter

8. Babysitting does not actually entail sitting on babies. In fact, it is quite frowned upon — fozziefruit

9. Getting promoted is 50% hard work and 50% relationship and show to upper management — tacofocker

Food and Retails Industry

Photo by Heidi Fin

1. Farmer doesn’t get more for more expensive dairy. Buying expensive dairy/meat/food just means the supermarket has a higher profit — tjmthom

2. Most Farmers do the Job for the Money, Not because we want to Feed the world — shuffle114

3. Treat a retail worker with respect and care, they’ ll help you faster with any issues you may experience — elehache92

4. We bottle both Walmart Brand and high end brand eye solution from the same source. Only difference between the bottles is the label and shape — quizlot

5. Printer ink is sold at 14000% markup while printers are sold at 1–5% markup — auslanderfire

6. Reduce food waste with “Expired and Used by date” — manuel_drekinn

If stored food has a “Best before…” date, it will NOT suddenly turn into a puddle of poisonous mess over night. They are usually safe, even weeks if not months after that. Especially unopened packages of dried or canned stuff can consumed even years after that date without health concerns. Same with frozen stuff

“Use by” are the only ones where you should keep an eye on. Especially raw meat/fish, those are the few types where it can get dangerous if you consume them after the date. But in the case of dairy products, you can trust your nose and eyes in that matter.

Software and IT Industry

Photo by Arian Darvishi

1. Turning it off and on again actually fixes like 80% of IT problems for one reason or another. Not just an internet meme — jack_mehoff69

2. IT project requests are generally accepted, even though the developer has no idea how to actually make it happen at that time. We dont lern to develop everything. We learn to quickly aquire the needed knowledge and use our “base” knowledge to use the “new, needed knowledge” properly — thatoneguy_12

3. You’re wrong to think most big companies have a good and documented (IT) processes. Most of them have “biologically expanded processes”, just like cancer. And no one wants to change or enhance them if they are working. — reynolds14

4. Largest Dutch internet provider can see everything if they want to, they just say “we can’t” — ideclarestuff

5. Many power plants around the world run on very old software, that hasn’t been patched in years and some companies haven’t changed some of the default passwords. In many cases it’s not a real problem, as the operation level of the systems is never directly connected to the internet. Some others though… they actually are connected and I am pretty sure they don’t monitor their firewall logs at all — conaly

6. Most office jobs are mostly automateable by even a basic level programmer. The only thing i’m doing at work is running a script that automates interacting with a few websites and creating excel tables. People like to ask me “how do you manage to have a job, 2 kids and still manage to be indy game developer”. I’m telling them something inspirational, like “follow your dreams etc.” That really sells well, But in reality i have all the time in the world while i’m at work. — lirgotl

7. Employees are by far the weakest link in almost every organization when it comes to keeping the organization secure. Either they’re stupid and click on random links, or they’re smart and circumvent security controls — nietvoordekat

8. 95% of the time it’s not a skilled Hacker/APT Group hacking top 100 companies — it’s an employee clicking on links like “http://free.xxx.virus.ru" — sshinjectioninc

Travel Industry

Photo by Dino Reichmuth

1. Looking for a discount? Go ahead and Add To Cart. Digital marketers love retargeting people with discount codes to convince you to make a purchase. It should pop up in your social media in the next few days if the company has a competent social media ad team — confusedm

2. Try to rent Hotel rooms over the homepage of the hotel. You will always get the best price. If you book super cheap on e.g booking, you’ll always get the worst rooms. They Charge 15–20% of the money.

3. Use incognito everytime you buy air tickets or hotel rooms. Almost all sites have a discount for “new” visitors — table_flipper


1. kindergarten, we blame parents for kids behavior. Work at a kindergarten. We judge you for your kids behavior. We blame nearly everything on the parents — germanmary1

2. Alot of stuff you recycle eventually doesn’t get recycled by the big companies and just gets burned — dubbledee

3. About 95% of the experiments we perform are either trivial or yield negative results in biomedical research — aspacemarine

That’s it.

One of my favorite secrets is Walmart and high end brand eye solution come from the same source. It shows what thoses big brand trying create an illustration for the consumers, while most of us believe it.

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