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Want other to talk? Try to be a listener

Hieu Nguyen — January 03, 2021

It's hard to suddenly ask people to talk openly


Sometimes ago, I saw a manager complain about how hard it is to talk to his staffs. While there can be many reasons, but one I’ve seen more often. That’s the manager isn’t a listener, even though he/she is listening.

The different about listening and a listener is that, a listener had a reputation for listening

Let’s say a manager asked his staff to discus about work performance issue, try to understand and improve it. Though, the manager doesn’t feel the discussion was open enough.

In the past, the manager often don’t take his staff words serious, dismiss their ideas. Eventually, his staffs will assume him won’t take serious.

Often, when you often listen to people, you train them to talk. Otherwise, taking people words lightly, you accidentally train them to ignore.

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